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About Navoiy

Currently Navoi in Uzbekistan has become one of the leading industrial centers: the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Plant, which produces gold, which employs thousands of people, the largest in Uzbekistan "Kyzylkumcement"; globally recognized association "Navoiazot" where manufactured fertilizers, ammonia , Navoi TPP - the basis of the field of energy; electrochemical plant, cement and cotton ginning factories, food processing industry, this is not a complete list of objects of national importance.

Airport «Navoi» , built in 1962, in 2004 - 2007 has been modernized and renovated. Airport received international status. From 1 January 2009 the airport "Navoi" was placed under the control of airlines «Korean Air» for a period of five years with an option to extend the agreement for a further five years. In Navoi airport, which is located at the crossroads of air routes from Asia to Europe, will be accumulated loads of Southeast Asia and Central Asian countries for their long-distance shipment to Europe, as well as goods from Europe for their shipment to Asia. Today the airport is working around the clock and is connected to cargo flights with eight cities in seven countries.

Free Industrial Economic Zone "Navoi" - located near the international airport "Navoi" is a place of deployment of the production business, the production of different techniques. Today in the area are more than 15 plants.

 In Navoi function Palace of Culture «Farhad» with the audience, clubs, cafes and city library at 250,000 volumes, the Palace of Culture "Shirin", "Nowruz" with the theater for young audiences with him, named Aishera Navoi.
A favorite place for townspeople of South Park is an area of ​​16 hectares is. Among the tree-lined avenues of the park located stadium, an outdoor swimming pool with three baths and heated water in winter, summer and winter theaters.
With the growth of the city lays the North Park - a major holiday destination: the park area was 70 hectares, in the middle of it created by man-made "sea" water mirror with more than 20 hectares.

On the square in front of the palace of culture "Farhad" in the heart of the city stands a bronze athletic young man - is Farhad, a legendary hero of the poem by Alisher Navoi. From the foot of the monument, as if out of the rock, pierced with a powerful blow screams, sees an inexhaustible stream of life-giving water. In a triumphant gesture raised right hand Farhad, a noble young man's face expresses delight of inspiration. Today, the dream of the great poet Alisher Navoi became reality. Navoi - the city of his youth and beauty, with its powerful industry continues to rapidly grow and develop. Proof of this are the Navoi photos. Absolutely wonderful story short Navoi, and its great future even more beautiful.




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