JSC "Qizilqumsement"

Undeniably high quality cement and cement products in the region, modern, safe and efficient production.

JSC "Qizilqumsement"

Total quality of the cement. The most important objects of the country and the region.
We are where others can not be!!

JSC "Qizilqumsement"

Proud history and promising future of the enterprise. We value the staff are proud of the plant. People - Our greatest wealth!

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Welcome to JSC "Qizilqumsement"!

Dear friends, colleagues and partners, welcome to the website of the company «QIZILQUMSEMENT»!


JSC «QIZILQUMSEMENT» - the company on a regional scale for the production of more than half the volume of cement and cement products in the country, a leader in the industry. We guarantee high quality of all the products corresponding to both domestic and European standards.


Production of our enterprise is conducted on modern computerized equipment, providing high quality products.


Strategy of our company are:

The increase in production capacity through the construction of new and modernization of existing production lines.

Improving the energy efficiency of production through implementation of energy saving technologies.

Reduction of production costs through automation and increase productivity.

Improved product quality through continuous development, testing and validation of new types of cement and monitoring needs of our customers.

Minimizing the impact on the environment through the introduction of "green" technologies, advanced environmental decision-making and implementation of environmental measures.

Professional development and the creation of high-tech jobs.

Development of local communities in the regions where extensive and creative activities to support culture and education.


Following all the innovations in the field of cement production, we are confident about the future, as the key to the success of our company is a team of highly qualified professionals, modern facilities and reliable source of raw materials.


We are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation and are interested in it.



JSC «QIZILQUMSEMENT» - Your reliable friend and partner!


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