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"Qizilqumsement" one of the largest enterprises producing cement

"Qizilqumsement" one of the largest enterprises producing cementOver the past 4 years the team "Qizilqumsement" revived to its former glory and now produces more than 48% of the cement produced in Uzbekistan.


  The volume of production during this period increased from 1 million tons 287tys. cement and 2 million tons 325tys, the growth rate was more than 180%. In the last year exported abroad for more than one-third of cement produced, which is 6.5 times more than in 2000.

  Many times the company receives high international quality awards - in 2000 in Spain, in 2001 in China and 2002 in the UK. 

  Advances in the culture of the enterprise production and improving the environment in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 years International Foundation Diploma marked "Ecosan".

"Qizilqumsement" one of the largest enterprises producing cementIn 2005, the company received a certificate confirming the introduction of quality management system according to the international standard ISO - 9001:2000 German certification company «RW TUV», increased competitiveness and export potential of the enterprise.


Stepwise execution of the government program of localization of production has significantly improved the capacity and increase the production of quality products, while using the resource-saving technologies. For example, at the expense of internal resources put into operation a new career, workshops and production lines. The enterprise has launched production of fireclay refractory bricks, organized by areas of repair and restoration of electric motors, as well as for the production of crushed stone.





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